I’m Carina Wolff, a writer and food blogger known to most as Kale Me Maybe. I create colorful, plant-centric recipes that are good for your body, mind, and most importantly, soul.

I’ve long been interested in the intersection between food and mood. It all began during college, when I was studying journalism and psychology at NYU. I wrote my senior year thesis on nutritional therapy for mood disorders, and through that exploration, I was called to start my blog and a career in freelance health and wellness writing.

I’ve written regularly for publications such as Bustle, Reader’s Digest, mindbodygreen, fabfitfun, and more. I cover all things under the wellness and lifestyle umbrella, from nutrition to mental health and even relationships (gotta put that psych degree to work)!

Writing has always been my passion, but I’ve amassed a large following on Instagram where I share my nourishing recipes that are meant to fuel you just as much emotionally as they do nutritionally. My recipes aren’t meant to fulfill any specific dietary restrictions. Instead, I focus on wholesome ingredients and a positive culinary experience. 

The premise behind “good mood food” is that food is supposed to make you feel good, both physically and mentally. I’m a firm believer in consuming ingredients that nourish you, that give you the nutrients you need to get those feel-good hormones flowing. But food also needs to feed the heart just as much as it feeds the brain. Food is about creative expression. It’s about joy, celebration, and connection. It’s about family, history, and culture. Good mood food is about embracing it all.

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