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Our Fertility Journey Q+A, Part 2

Our Fertility Journey Q+A, Part 2

answering your questions, podcast-style!

Hi! I hope you enjoyed last week’s episode :)

Grant and I are back with part 2 of our fertility q+a mini podcast series. In case you missed it, we released part 1 last week, so I recommend starting there if you choose to listen, although you’re also welcome to jump right in! This week, we dive a little more into the nitty gritty!

Questions we answer in this episode include:

  • What’s it like going through the journey from a man’s perspective?

  • Do you know of any tips to make baby dancing less stressful and more fun?

  • What do you usually say when someone asks “Do you have kids yet?” I always get sad.

  • How have you handled sharing with friends and family? Have you set any boundaries?

  • What to say to your friends with fertility journeys if you get pregnant quickly? I feel horrible.

  • Did you ever freeze your eggs?

  • Does it help/encourage you when people share successes after their own infertility, or not?

Again, after much thought, I ultimately decided to keep this intimate conversation for paid subscribers only, that way I could cultivate a safe space to chat about a very vulnerable experience. I also wanted to create space for others with similar experiences to chime in and find community.

I included a little snippet for everyone, but if you want to listen to the whole episode, consider becoming a paid supporter of “good mood food!” Don’t forget, you can always do a trial and get a week for free!

Would love to know what you think, and I hope this is helpful in any way!


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good mood food
good mood food
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