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Our Fertility Journey, Part 1

Our Fertility Journey, Part 1

answering all your questions in our first ever podcast!

You asked, we answered!

Grant and I are answering your questions about our fertility journey in our first-ever podcast-style episode! We go over our experience so far, how we have dealt with it emotionally, and our options moving forward.

I knew I wanted to have this type of conversation on Substack because this community is so special to me. I thought about it a lot, and I ultimately decided to keep this intimate conversation for paid subscribers only, that way I could cultivate a safe space to chat about a very vulnerable experience. I also wanted to create space for others with similar experiences to chime in and find community.

I included a little snippet for everyone, but if you want to listen to the whole episode, consider becoming a paid supporter of good mood food! Don’t forget, you can always do a trial and get a week for free!

And if this type of content isn’t for you, no stress! All my usual recipe newsletters will still be dropping this week!

Questions we answer in this episode include:

  • How old are you and when did you start trying?

  • At what point did you seek help for your fertility issues?

  • What tests have you done?

  • Have you worked with unconventional medicine, the natural world with diet changes, vitamins and supplements, or Chinese herbs?

  • How do you feel most supported by Grant during this hard time? Tips for other partners

Next week, in part 2, we’ll be diving in even further!

We give some tips on how to make baby-making less stressful, how to deal with boundaries with friends and family, how to answer uncomfortable questions, and more!


Taking Charge of Your Fertility

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good mood food
good mood food
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